Can't Please You, Can't Please Me

by Farewell Milwaukee

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T. Cain
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T. Cain They say, "dont judge a book by its cover," well i did, and it paid off! "Cant Please You Cant Please Me" is a solid effort, from the lyrics to the entire sound and feel of the album. Great work guys.
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released September 17, 2013

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Brad Bivens
Assistant Engineer - Brandon Lerbs

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun - Focus Mastering

Recorded at Another Recording Company - Omaha, NE
Additional recording at Laurel Studios - St. Paul, MN
Mixed at The Eldredge - Nashville, TN

Artwork by Matthew Pfahlert - Pfahlert Creative Labs
Photography by Darin Back



all rights reserved


Farewell Milwaukee Minneapolis, Minnesota

Swift and inventive, Farewell Milwaukee’s sound is informed by artists from the 60s and 70s but is never beholden to them. Instead Farewell Milwaukee bend those influences into new shapes and sounds. On Can’t Please, You Can’t Please Me they work hard to make it look easy, establishing a casual country-rock majesty on the album’s very first notes. ... more


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Track Name: Let Me Sleep Tonight
Let me sleep tonight
Let me sleep tonight
This big old world’s got my number again
If you leave me here I’ll be fine

You ain’t done nothing wrong
No you ain’t done nothing wrong
I’m trying to fight for the rest of my life
I don’t want to get you involved

But hey my love
Oh hey my love
please don’t go
don’t leave me alone
I’m ready to flee from this dream

But hey my love
Oh hey my love
if you go
don’t follow me down
to the places below
just leave them all alone

to the lovers i’ve stoned
and the heartbreaks i’ve owned
and the failures below
I’m trying to keep you from me

If you wake me up I’ll be fine
If you wake me up I’ll be fine
I’m trying to hide
from the places I’ve been
but if you wake me up I’ll be fine
Track Name: Can't Please You, Can't Please Me
When all you got is silence
and all you love is violence
you've got a love that chases the mourning away

for all you think is morbid
and all you drink is poison
and all you smoke are smoke screened accusations

the love you make is faithful
but the love you take is hateful
you got a love that disregards the hated

But you, you got what i need
I can't please you, and you can't please meeeee

When the floorboards break the silence
and your mothers talk is spineless
you'll retreat to your dime store solace

you can leave your situation
Give your mind a brief vacation
but her tattooed cynicism has enslaved you

you'll hear her in the distance
and you might try not to listen
but please don't infect me with your addiction
Track Name: Love On A Wire
Mama you got me all untied
I’m staring up into the night sky
for a sign of something real
oh mama i think you know just how I feel

Mama you got me on a wire
mama you used to wait up all night long
but a taste of what you see
is just a glimpse of what we used to be yeah

And I’ve been waiting in the balance for the winds to come
but the winds just blow me down
And you’ve been standing on the edges of what might have been
for far too long now
and we’ve been holding onto something that’s been over us
since the day that we were born

Mama you used to lay me down
I’d spend my nights awake laying in your arms
when we’d fool around
I’d swear the morning light would never shine down
Track Name: Save Me From Myself
Early morning rain
won’t you go away
haven’t seen the sunshine since God knows when

Whispers in my head
Tell me lies instead
haven’t slept a wink for days on end
cause I haven’t slept for days...


You know I’ve been waiting
For someone to come save me from myself
Well honey if that ain’t you
And what you’re sayings true
I’ll keep trying to save me from myself

Baby I was blind
To lie about the life
You and I were destined to leave behind

Wish I could have seen...that
Having you here with me
Is more than any man should dare to dream

And I thought you were standing in my way
That’s why I didn’t fight to have you stay
& the day you walked out my front door
The veil of shadows lifted
And I saw that I was losing
Someone that I've never wanted more
Track Name: The Way You Move
There’s something bout the way you move
That’s got me staring like a fool
It’s like your body’s swaying in time to a MOTOWN groove
There’s something bout the way you move

There’s something bout the way you smile
with natural lips and teeth so white
It’s like you’re blinding me with grace and light
There’s something bout the way you smile

I know that you’re not perfect but from this line of sight I see
something on a pedestal, that’s just out of my reach

And if I get too close, oh I fear that I might see
The cracks beneath the surface, the mending at seams

so if and ever when, oh you turn your glance towards me
I’d rather lose my sight than remember you that way

That’s why I love your walk away

Well there’s something special in your eyes
That makes me feel like I’m a child
It’s like the first time I heard tumbling dice
Well there’s something special in your eyes
Track Name: Come Naturally
To you they might be words on a page
But just like watercolors down the drain
if I don’t use them in a song
I may not ever get to using them at all

If the key that’s in my hand never opens up your door
or the song I have to sing for you don’t leave you wanting more
or my painting on your wall don’t make you feel nothing at all
I’ll be on my way
I want your love to come naturally

To you they might be sounds in a groove
on a record player you never use
Something dusty...not made for you
Something ancient old and barely used


And a wavering flame in the wind and the rain won’t light my way
And a tethered heart that’s aligned with the dark ain't holding me
and a fluttering wing on a bird at sea won’t make it far

I’ve seen all the broken dreams that fall
by waiting in the wings too long
And every time I hear your call
I'd love for you to sing my song
That's why when you look at me
I want for you to freely see
I'm not
The one
Who steals
Your heart
Track Name: If Ever There's A Place
If ever there’s a place, not wilted by the sun
If ever there’s a place, where broken hearts were loved
If ever there’s a place for the defeated souls to run
You’ll be there
without a question in my mind I’d find you there

If ever there’s a place where the clouds deny the rain
If ever there’s a place where the night won’t bring it’s shame
If ever there’s a place you won’t have to medicate your pain
you’ll be there
without a shadow of a doubt you’d be living there

darling, I know a place hid from the monsters that eat you alive
darling, I know a place far past the justice money can buy
darling I know a place where you can rest all your worries tonight
Oh darling I know a place, it’s deep in my heart, I’ll hide you tonight

If ever there’s a place, where the weather doesn’t change
If ever there’s a place, where the shutters don’t shake
If ever there’s a place where the wind won’t howl all day
you’ll be there
I can see it in my mind you’re living there
Track Name: Soaked By The Rain
I know things can’t be perfect
Even if we both tried
But right now you can't even look me in the eye

Maybe I should have left here
such a long long time ago
But each time I try to turn to leave, you always let me know

I know, we’ve all felt the pain
been soaked by the flood
and blown by the hurricane
I know more than I’d like to

I know, you’ve been burnt by the fire
you’ve lost love
Been kissed by desire
I know, cause I’ve felt it too

I know, I doubted the believers
layed with the sinners
and cheated the cheaters
But never meant to hurt you

There’s been times that I’ve left you
Alone and crying in the rain
And there’s been times oh you swore that you’d like to do the same

I’m pretty sure I should just let you
find a new life on your own
But every time i try to let you go I just want you to know
Track Name: True Love Don't Leave Scars
I hear you knocking on my front door
You say you love me but my heart knows more
you’re throwing shadows up upon my wall
they come alive when I’m down and our (filled with doubt)

I’ve heard love don’t come attached to all these strings
so then why do you still try to hang on me

True love will never find you because the only one you care about is you and only you
still True love waits patiently for you
True love might be right here laying quiet in the balance hoping you’ll draw near
still true love won’t force it’s hand on you
To find love you gotta let go of all that makes you feel like you’re the only one in control
and for you...that...might be harder...than you know
Harder than you know

The more you kissed me the more I knew
nothing hurts me like the thought of you
You were the only thing I’ve ever wanted
but I can’t love someone who can’t be trusted

Oh Love, don’t waste your time in saving me
you said love what’s done is done, just leave me be
Track Name: You Were The Thunder
You’re the storm
without any warning
Though I was listening for the bell

You rolled into town
like the union pacific
I should have been scared as hell

But I wasn’t afraid
To stand in your way
you were barreling down
but you were the chance....I was willing to take

Well you were the thunder
That ran through my veins
And here in the silence
You're shaking my faith
I'm left with the notion
That a woman like you...ain't easy to find

I should have known
on the day that you found me
that our moments would be precious and few

I would have made it
My lifes final mission
to never let go of you

But one never knows
when there’s luck’s gonna change
I was a boy
and I think looking back were my fate