When It Sinks In

by Farewell Milwaukee

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released May 17, 2011

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Brad Bivens
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun - Focus Mastering
Additional Engineering - Aaron Markson
Assistant Engineer - James Childs

Recorded and Mixed at The Eldredge - Nashville, TN
Additional Recording at Markson & Fox - Minneapolis, MN

Farewell Milwaukee is:

Ben Lubeck - Vocals, Guitars
Aaron Markson - Guitars, Vocals
Adam Lamoureux - Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Celeste, Vocals
Brad Fox - Drums, Percussion
Kyle Magstadt - Bass, Vocals

Additional Musicians:

Luke Jacobs - Pedal Steel
Dave Strahan - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Will Sayles - Percussion
Bethany Kurbis - Vocals
Graham Sherrill - Banjo
Avery Anderson - Violin
Brad Bivens - Piano

Artwork by Matthew Pfahlert--Pfahlert Creative Labs
Photography by Darin Back



all rights reserved


Farewell Milwaukee Minneapolis, Minnesota

Swift and inventive, Farewell Milwaukee’s sound is informed by artists from the 60s and 70s but is never beholden to them. Instead Farewell Milwaukee bend those influences into new shapes and sounds. On Can’t Please, You Can’t Please Me they work hard to make it look easy, establishing a casual country-rock majesty on the album’s very first notes. ... more


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Track Name: The Wallpaper's Gonna Swallow You Whole
So paint your room with pastel colors
Before the sun fades us out of style
Or the wallpaper swallows us whole
And the flowers on your dress make me blue

So why don't you open up the windows that save you
And let your wide eyes wash all over me
Bring me to my knees
And blow me through the breeze

Cause I've gotta sin to feel you
And you gotta weep before I can hear you
And honey i don't want to hurt you

But my heart’s getting soft and my hands are so weak
And I don’t know where I’ve been but I’m sure you'll tell me

The symphony of birds sing softly
Spreading lies that you used to sing to me baby
I wrote your name in dust on the night stand
And I booked that flight for Memphis Tennessee
Track Name: Ain't No Rules
The city buildings take my breath away
The men who built them they risked their lives to say
You gotta lose everything to know
That you could gain the whole world if you don't

When your fate’s tied to a balance beam
And your feet could cost you everything
You gotta break all the rules to know
That there ain't any rules anymore

You could stand in the rain to know my love won’t wash away
I might bend until I break so I can see that I'm afraid
But we won't know who we are without risking it all
Baby I’ll risk you if you risk me too

See her children how they learn to fly
They fall from heaven in a blink of an eye
I've seen her risk everything she's known
Until there's nothing to fear anymore

I saw an angel fly through hell today
And as she passed I thought I heard her say
Beauty isn't meant to be owned
Unless you share with the rest of the world
Track Name: When It Sinks In
Go on fix me up with
What you have left in disguise
Drag me into the garden
Ease my mind and spill me your lies
Cause our hearts they break like morning
And they mend like broken glass

Our love is going to bend
And our hearts are going to break

‘Cause your love it makes me breathe again
And your love it stings when it starts sinking in
And your love it keeps me up at night
I can tell it’s gonna be alright

When your mind’s made up
It seals your heart with the weight of your tongue
And I know you've seen me dying
Seen me climbing through the weight of the world
And you've seen me lost in the city
Seeking shade from the heat of the sun

Our love is going to bend
And our hearts are going to break
But when it’s all said and done
And you’re on the run
Your love I’m going to take

My love come with me tonight
My love I’ll make it alright
Oh my dear I’ll fix you tonight
Oh my love come here tonight
Track Name: Come Back Home
I can't run
I can't run fast enough for you
I can't fly
I can't fly high enough for you
I can't drive back and forth to you

I gotta wait oh baby
I gotta wait oh my sweet
I gotta wait oh honey

Till you come back home to me

You can't feel
You can’t feel the same sun on your back
You can't see
You can't see the color's turning black
You can't hear me calling out your name

I gotta wait oh baby
I gotta wait oh my sweet
I gotta wait oh honey

Till you come back home to me

Dry your eyes
Hide those tears
Don't you tell me where you've been
Track Name: Always Be Your Man
Be my love
Be my friend
Call it what you want I will always be your man

In the summer
And in the fall
I don't care when, I'm always running when you call

Through the storm
Through the rain
I’ll be there with you through that hurricane

I don't care why
And I don't care when you might need me
Or where you want to meet me

I don't wanna come down
I don't want this to end right here tonight
Baby hold on tight and let me in

Be my dream
Let me let you in
Let me hold on to you, till the dawn breaks in

Tell me secrets
I wanna know it all
Let the autumn leaves blow while you spill it all

Write me letters
And send me notes
I’ll even take a phone call from the west coast

When the morning cracks your window pane
And the sky looks like it’s blue again
I see the sun upon your skin
And by then I know it's true
Yeah the morning breaks for you
Track Name: Waiting On You
You’ve got love in your eyes
You got love in your smile
But not for me
You got sun in your hair
And you’ve got flowers to spare
But none for me
You’ve got days to fill
And you’ve got time to kill
But not with me

I'm at your door
Telling you, once more

That I've got a love that's broken for you
That I've got a heart that's broken in two
That I've got a love that's only for you

And I got memories to share
Even if they might be broken by you
There's a piece of my mind
That I’m not sure I should give to you
There's been days left behind
That could have really used the sight of you
Track Name: Morning Stars
Well there's something about you that reminds me of the morning stars
They fade with the night when the daylight's beating 'em down
Like a junkie they beg for the sun to give them a round
But it’s taken a toll and they fight to keep holding on

They don't even try to find their way back home and neither do you
But no one’s ever stopped the day from breaking and neither can you
Neither can you

You gotta run like a river and cry like the rain
When you fall down hard stand up again
When love’s in your eyes you gotta let her in
Just stop running away

The funniest thing about trying to go home
Is when you open the door you wish you were back on the road
You feel guilty for staying, even worse if you decide to leave
Lord only knows how long you'll be gone

I don't want to try to find my way back home, I just want you
And I don't want to stop the day from breaking, and neither do you, neither do you
Track Name: Find Some Grace For Me
Do you believe what you said
Cause it’s still running through my head
I think you might, this time

If it’s alright with you
I think I’ll put on one last tune
Because for you success is failure

You told me you've got something for me
You just can’t put your finger down
No not tonight

Give me rock and roll
When I’m all alone
Let me borrow some of those city lights
Give me love when I fight
Use a prayer on me tonight
And find some grace for me

I’ve got the west coast blues
You can see it in my eyes
Oh it'll pass just give it time

And the birds can really get around
Oh I love how they soak up the sun
Then lift up and fly away
Track Name: Living On Your Looks
We know you're living on your looks
Yeah we know you're living on your looks
Well you looked good in your day
But time tends to show your age
We know you're living on your looks

We know you'd trade it all for gold
We know you'd trade it all for gold
Your suitors are cashing in
And you burned your last bridge
We know you'd trade it all for gold

Well there once was a time when you could turn it on
And your name would send shivers down my spine
But the years have worn you thin
And you're lost out in the wind
Your days are numbered my friend

No we won't let you harm us with that smile
No you can't, you can't harm us with that smile
Well the tables are always turning
And my dear you might be learning
That you can’t harm us with your smile
Track Name: You Are The Only One
When the blackbird sings
And the sun comes out
You know you're the one
She's singing about

Well she's so proud
To rhyme for you
She won't even sing
Till she sees you

I feel the same
When you walk in that room
And with each step
Honey I’ll take two

And you are the only one I ever dream about
Until the sun goes down and the stars burn out
Oh you are the only one that ever brings me around
When the day turns dark and no lights can be found
You are the one
You are the one

If my walls would talk
Or my floor could sing
They'd say that I can't
Stop speaking your name

You know that your love
Got my mind at ease
When I hear your voice
It's got me skipping a beat
Track Name: The Night Is Falling For You
And I and I and I was lying on the bed
Playing my guitar
Thinking about you

And you and you and you were standing in your room
The one that grew around you
Were you thinking about me

You used to fall for the night
Yes and you used to fall for the night

Now the night is falling for you
Yeah the night is falling for you
And I always fall for the night

You and you and you fell asleep again
Underneath the stars
They make you feel so safe

And I and I and I used to hide from the dark
Cause I knew you'd find me
Now I'm looking for you

And I didn’t know I could turn on the stars in the sky
Or make the clouds turn gray
And if you would have told me, oh my sweet young thing, oh my gal
I would have not let you down
Track Name: You Bought A Ticket Out
So you bought a ticket out
I won’t hear from you again
You say you never knew a man without friends
Or at least ones the likes of you

And I'm not the one you’re looking for
Cause I won’t leave this town alone
I heard about your New York City
And the things it got from you all the things you said it got from you

Come on you can’t do this to me yet
And I can hear in your voice that you've got one round left

I never asked for common sense
Or the things worth talking through
I'll ask for your opinion when I've got nothing else to prove
And when I've got nothing left to lose

We both know that you'll cry someday
When the city lights lead you astray
If I were you I'd run away
And I'd look for me at the end of the day

Let the cold wind bring you home
Track Name: Lovable/Kind
You're so glamorous, you’re so fine
You go down better than strawberry wine
When I first saw you at the bluegrass jam
I saw the last woman I'd ever have

I’m in love, love, I’m in love
Oh Lord I’m in love, love, I’m in love

You're so lovable you’re so kind
Your perfume’s branded in my mind
You got a beautiful necklace hanging round your neck
It was the one I bought you on our trip out west

I’m in love, love, I’m in love
Oh Lord I’m in love, love, I’m in love

You're so simple yet so refined
You love the city but you hate the life
You got the taste of honey sitting on your tongue
You won’t say you love me till I take you home

I’m in love, love, I’m in love
Oh Lord I’m in love, love, I’m in love